Carolyn & Sean

October 25, 2024
El Dorado Royale
Riviera Maya, Mexico


October 25, 2024
El Dorado Royale
Riviera Maya, Mexico

Our Adventure

Get ready for some serious eye rolls and heartfelt moments as we dive into our love story. So, let's spill the beans on how it all began, shall we?  Our mothers, yes, our lovely moms played matchmakers. It's like a plot twist straight out of a modern rom-com. Thanks, moms, for bringing us together and forever having bragging rights!

After weeks of playful texting, Sean grew the courage to ask Carolyn out. And where did he choose to woo her? A dimly lit bar called The Bird's Nest, where the promise of mouthwatering beer and chicken wings was hopefully enough to convince Carolyn to get out of the house.  Sadly, the wings never materialized (boo!) but apparently the beer was enough to continue this love story.

Favorite memories? We've got a couple of gems.  Imagine Sean leaving for a vacation with his friends, and when he returns, what does he find? A surprise furry addition to the household—a foster dog! Because what's better than returning from a peaceful getaway to a whirlwind of doggy chaos?  And let's not forget about our 3 week vacation to Europe. Our memories are filled with castles, beer, exploring new cities, and carefully planning our meals to avoid the dreaded state of hangry Carolyn. Trust us, it's an art form in itself!  Pizza Friday is an absolute must. We enjoy savoring a cheesy slice (or five) while kicking back and enjoying each other's company. And when it's time to get a little competitive, Carolyn takes joy in utterly annihilating Sean on the golf course, first to 100 wins right?!?!

Now, let's talk about the proposal. Brace yourselves, because this one's a doozy!  So, picture this: Sean had meticulously planned the perfect proposal for Carolyn. But, as luck would have it, she accidentally stumbled upon his top-secret plans. Oops!  He was determined to keep Carolyn on her toes though and create a proposal she would never see coming. And so, the master plan was born.  On a seemingly ordinary Monday, Sean got friends (shout out to Jake and Delaney) to dupe Carolyn into going to Piedmont Park.  As we strolled through the park, blissfully unaware of the impending surprise, Sean dropped to one knee.  The shock on Carolyn's face was priceless, as the accidental discovery of Sean's original plans had thrown her off the scent, making the proposal all the more unexpected and magical.

Finally, let's get to the heart of the matter—the destination wedding. We didn't settle for a typical one-night shindig. No, no, we wanted an epic celebration with all our loved ones, stretching it into a whole weekend of unforgettable festivities. Because why limit the party to a mere few hours when we can go big and go to Mexico!!

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